Fish that can live with betta – Betta Fish Mates

admin April 22, 2019

Fish that can live with betta – Betta Fish Mates

Looking for Fish that can live with betta or betta fish mates?? in this post i mentioning the fishes that can live with Siamese fighting fish (betta fish).

Fishes that can live with betta

Neon Tetra Fish:

fish that can live with betta


Neon silver-blue bodies and a red neon stripe. This stripe can fade or even completely disappear as a result of prolonged periods of darkness.

They require at least 10 gallons of swimming space.

They are a schooling fish and like to be in schools of 6-12 fish.

Though brightly colored. This species is tolerated by most Betta Fish due to their smaller fins.

They like to swim long the middle habitation zone, well below the Betta Fish, and require a longer tank for them to swim up and down.

Like the Betta Fish they too like to have a heavily planted tank.


Bristlenose Pleco:


betta fish mate


They are usually pretty shy so they tend to be very reclusive. They would keep it to themselves and cohabitate nicely with your bettas.

However, bristle nose plecos can grow quite large sometimes so be careful with the size of your tank.

Blue Gourami

The Blue Gourami is closely related to the betta fish but they are not as aggressive. The similarity in their environmental requirements and dietary habits make them perfect tank mates for your bettas.


Cory Catfish

Cory catfish are calm, small and white to dark gray in color. They appear as no threat to the betta fish. Betta fish and Cory Catfish can live together in the same tank harmoniously without any problem.

fish that can live with betta


These are only a few popular species of fish that can cohabitate nicely with the bettas. But as said above, most of the fish that can satisfy the requirements in the checklist can be a betta fish tank mate.

You have plenty of options out there. Do not be afraid to venture out and do your research to find the ones most suited for you and your betta fish.

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